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Nile Street is a discovery-based e-commerce platform for consumers, sellers, and start-ups. To further support businesses within our community we also provide creative marketing services, financial services, consulting, product development, and IT services.


Discovery: The Nile promotes new products to consumers based on lifestyle, interests, previous purchases, and more. The platform also provides detailed bio’s, company history, videos, social links, and more. Buyers can actively learn about new businesses and the industry as a whole.


Trust: The Nile rewards businesses with badges based on customer experience. These badges help customers collectively determine the trustworthiness of a business. Additionally, we notify businesses of customers that frequently return items, leave poor reviews, and damaged items. This transparency holds everyone accountable.
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Community: The Nile encourages giving by rewarding & promoting businesses that actively give back to the communities that purchase from them. We also promote giving back to local, national & global causes.
Customer Trusted
Nile Street


Excellence: The Nile provides incubator services and feedback loops designed to aid businesses in growth and customer excellence. Our algorithm reward business that consistently grows across an array of metrics including impressions, clicks, reviews, sales, and more.